Fiberglass Pools Versus Concrete Pools

At Nolascapes we have been building and designing swimming pools since 1988. We have established a great reputation in the outdoor living industry over the years by providing our clients with premium services at budget friendly rates.

Fiberglass Versus Concrete Pools, New Orleans, LA

When it comes to choosing the type of swimming pool to install on your property it can be overwhelming for there are so many different types of pools on the market nowadays. So, what type of pool will suit your needs, your property, and your lifestyle? Let us discuss two of the most popular types of swimming pools, Fiberglass and Concrete.

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Chlorine Pools Versus Salt Water Pools

Here at Nolascapes, we build both chlorine and salt water pools for our clients and have done so for many years now. It really is a personal choice when it comes to deciding between chlorine and salt water swimming pools. Its important to know what the pros and cons are of both salt and chlorine when building a new pool or converting your existing pool. There is no stand-out better pool option it just depends on what is right for you and how often your pool will be used.
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