Chlorine Pools Versus Salt Water Pools

Here at Nolascapes, we build both chlorine and salt water pools for our clients and have done so for many years now. It really is a personal choice when it comes to deciding between chlorine and salt water swimming pools. Its important to know what the pros and cons are of both salt and chlorine when building a new pool or converting your existing pool. There is no stand-out better pool option it just depends on what is right for you and how often your pool will be used.

Cost Comparison

Chlorine pools have been around for over 50 years, while salt water pools have been around for about 30 plus years. Here are some points to consider when it comes to costs of both types of swimming pools:

  • Salt water pools are more expensive upfront because you need to purchase a chlorinator system. The salt water chlorinator is used as the pools sanitizing system. It works as salt water passes through it, it separates salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. Instead of chlorine it is this acid that sanitizes the pool.
  • Chlorine pool are very traditional, and they are affordable to install. Which is why they are so common. Your initial investment is much less than with a salt water pool, which can be enticing to some people.
  • Salt water is much more corrosive. So, it is a good idea to be buy special lighting, heaters, fixtures, liners, pool decking etc, that is salt friendly so that you won’t be renovating your pool often.

Which is Healthier?

When it comes to which is the healthier pool, here are a few points you may not have thought of:

  • Salt water is not as harsh on the skin, eyes and hair as chlorine can be.
  • It is a myth that salt water pools contain no chlorine at all because they run using a chlorinator which means that it will produce just enough chlorine to keep the water sanitized.
  • A salt water pool does require less chemicals than a chlorine pool so it is generally healthier.

Maintenance Comparison

Having a swimming pool is all about the enjoyment it will bring to family and friends.
It changes the way you use your outdoor living space. However, one thing that is of consideration is the amount of maintenance and time it takes to care for a swimming pool.
Here are some points on both chlorine and salt water pool maintenance:

  • Salt water pools require less maintenance.
  • Salt water pools are considered to be safer to maintain because of the fact that you wont need to handle any chlorine.
  • Salt water cause a much higher pH level which is important for clarity of the water.
  • Overall a salt water system is more complex and will generally always require the attention of an experienced pool contractor no matter how small a problem may be.
  • Chlorine kills bacteria like algae very well and disinfects your swimming pool.
  • Chlorine pools are easy to maintain for all they require is chlorine on a regular basis. But you do have to ensure you maintain chlorine levels well to ensure a sanitized and safe pool to be swimming in.

Long Term Benefits

There are long term benefits to each type of pool and it really depends on what you are wanting from your pool. Salt water pools are a bigger cost upfront but they can be easier to maintain than a chlorine pool, for they don’t need as many chemicals or need to be checked as often as chlorine pools do. Salt water is much softer on our human bodies, but it can corrode features around your pool much faster than chlorine.

If you are having difficulty deciding between a chlorine and a salt water swimming pool, simply talk to one of our friendly team members at Nolascapes today on 504-250-3910, and we will discuss with you the pros and cons and help you decide which is best for your needs and your lifestyle!

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