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NOLASCAPES Landscape and Design LLC is a one-stop-shop. Trust us when we say "WE DO IT ALL". Think of how relieving it is to have one phone number to dial when going through an outdoor project. We are owner-operated since our inception in 1998. What does this equate to? LIABILITY!

We are not interested in being the Wal-Mart of landscape companies. In other words, we are quality not quantity. NOLAscapes isn’t looking to install 50 or 100 pools a year. We do 12. There are many reasons for this, mainly span of control.

NOLASCAPES has the ability to multitask and accomplish all aspects of your project simultaneously with crews that are accustomed to working TOGETHER. We have the ability to install a pool, drainage, outdoor kitchen, pool deck and landscaping, in most cases, inside of a month. We work 7 days a week if our client has no objections.

Our crews are polite, informative and knowable in their respective fields. We realize that we are working at your home and take great care to ensure you a clean and safe environment. We generally do not start before 8am and wrap up around 5pm. In extreme cases our time frame may be extended to accommodate a timeline or inclement weather.

At NOLAscapes we take pride in custom swimming pools in the tiniest nook to the most sprawling properties. We strive to deliver you the most for your money. Swimming pools can often be a confusing process for a homeowner. Do not let that deter you from your dream. Give us a call and I can talk you through the intricacies of modern pools.



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