Bluestone Pavers Overview

Bluestone pavers are not just used as flooring materials but can also be tapped to create pleasing veneers, wall caps, building stones, treads, steps, and others. It is this versatility that makes these paving solutions present in many public structures, commercial establishments, and residential units across the country and elsewhere.

Bluestone paver units are extensively used in indoor and outdoor applications because of their unique beauty, sturdiness, and versatile nature. They are also perfect for areas frequented by people or are constantly wet and slippery such as pool areas, walkways, driveways, steps, bathrooms, kitchen, and more. Bluestone pavers are also tested to effectively withstand normal wear and tear and damages caused by constant exposure to changing weather or climate.

Bluestone Finishes

The good thing about bluestone is that it is available in different finishes. This is one of the reasons why many contractors and property owners prefer this material.

  1. Thermal finish. Thermally treated bluestone paver is commonly used in driveways, walkways, decks, and patios because the paver surface becomes non-slip. This is done by heat-treating the paver units until a textured groove is achieved.
  2. Honed finish. The stone is recommended for indoor applications where a thin and smooth paver is required.
  3. Natural cleft finish. This is perfect for areas that require a more natural look since bluestones with a natural cleft finish do not have uniform texture.

Color Options

The beauty of bluestone pavers is that every paver unit is unique from all the others, particularly in the color tone or shade. Accordingly, these are the color options that you may choose from:

  1. Blue
  2. Purple
  3. Gray
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Brown
  7. Blue-gray


Bluestone pavers are highly recommended because of the numerous applications where they can be used as primary paving materials. Whether for indoor use or outdoor application, bluestone can be your perfect material of choice.


  • Pool decks. Bluestone is recommended for pool areas because of its non-slip property. Each bluestone paver possesses a unique texture that complements well with the deck’s design or theme.
  • Patios. It’s possible to achieve various patio themes using only bluestone paver units, be it Old World, Japanese, Modern/Contemporary, or Mediterranean.
  • Walkways. Encourage healthy living with stunning bluestone paver walkways. Since this natural stone has a non-slip characteristic, it is perfect for this area.
  • Garden paths and steps. Accentuate your garden’s tender beauty with garden paths made of premium quality pavers cut from bluestone blocks.
  • Driveways. Have a grand entrance whenever you enter your premises with an expertly designed and finely built bluestone paver driveway.

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