Terms & Conditions

Estimate: The estimate given is not a contract and is based on our evaluation of the project. It does not include any unforeseen or additional labor or materials, which may be required as, so directed by the customer or should problems arise. Any changes or adjustments will first be discussed with the customer. The price given in the estimate shall be valid for 30 days. This is due to market fluctuation on a monthly basis. After that, the price may vary slightly up or down.

Materials: We provide the very best of materials to our customers. All of our material is hand-picked and inspected at the wholesaler prior to purchase.

Care: No landscape is going to be maintenance-free, although we strive to ensure that it is as low maintenance as possible. Basic care for a new landscape is primarily watering. Newly planted beds should receive sufficient water every day in the summer and three times a week in the winter. Sufficient water is the equivalent of holding a hose on an average shrub for approximately 10 seconds. Trees will need about twice that amount.

New sod will need about 1 hour of water from a basic lawn sprinkler in the summer and 1/2 hour's worth in the winter per day. Automatic sprinklers are excluded from this time frame. Always water in the morning!!! No afternoon or evening watering!!! New sod can be cut with a push mower after 1 month and with a riding mower after 2 months.

Payment: Upon acceptance of the estimate, a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost is required. Balance is due upon project completion.


  • Irrigation - all irrigation systems installed shall be warranted for one year from the date of installation. This warranty is voided by theft, vandalism, animals, weather, neglect, or tampering. The warranty shall include the entire system, including labor.

  • Landscape - all shrubs and trees shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year. Annual or bedding plants will be warranted for the remainder of that season if irrigated. Any plants or materials that are transplanted and reused from the existing landscape shall have no warranty or guarantee. This warranty is voided by theft, vandalism, insects, animals, weather conditions, neglectful care to include over or under watering, or damage done by other persons not representing NOLASCAPES, LLC. Any materials covered by the warranty shall be replaced free of charge.

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