Porphyry Stone Pavers Overview

Porphyry has been used as a primary building material for thousands of years, with the ancient Egyptian and Roman empires being the first civilizations that used the material extensively. And when it’s good for the Egyptians and the Romans, then it’s probably good for today’s homeowners, contractors, and builders. In the US, porphyry is abundant in Montana, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The beauty of porphyry stone pavers lies in their sturdiness. Some of the longest-lasting man-made structures are known to be constructed primarily of porphyry. The material is proven to withstand constant extreme climate changes without experiencing any significant damage. Porphyry pavers don’t fade even when exposed constantly and over a long period to weathering.They are also highly resistant to damages caused by exposure to salts and strong chemicals.

Porphyry is one of the most preferred paving materials because it is also skid-free, hence perfect for heavy foot- and vehicle traffic areas that are prone to being wet, like pools and driveways. This stone paver also comes in various colors (red, gray, purple, red-brown) and shapes that can be cleverly combined to achieve interesting and attention-grabbing designs. Overall, porphyry stone pavers are excellent paving options that you can choose from the various paving choices available.

Porphyry Stone Pavers Application

Porphyry stone pavers can be used in a variety of landscaping and building applications. Among the areas where they are extensively used are driveways. The skid-resistant nature of porphyry is highly prized by contractors who are tasked to build residential, commercial, and public driveways. The decorative options of porphyry pavers are also attribute to its high preference rate among landscaping designers and property owners.

Meanwhile, they are also the preferred materials in pool decks, walkways, and jogging lanes. These are areas that are constantly frequented by people who run the risk of an accidental slip-and-fall accident. Pool areas are particularly risk magnets because they are constantly wet, but any untoward slippage incident can be avoided by using porphyry.

Other uses of porphyry pavers are in patios and garden edges. These are areas that are meant to effectively make any property stand out aesthetically. Fortunately, there are practically dozens upon dozens of design themes that property owners and contractors can choose from and achieve.

Additionally, porphyry can also be used for speed bumps, road paving, pedestrian crosswalks, and many other public areas. These are spots where it is important to have great traction, and because porphyry is skid-resistant, it is an excellent material of choice. It can prevent accidental vehicle skidding and pedestrian slip or fall accidents. Aside from these, porphyry stone pavers can also be used as decorative and sturdy cladding materials for walls, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire features.

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