Cobblestone Pavers Overview

Cobblestone pavers are among the oldest paving materials that are still in wide use today. These decorative stones make up some of the best-preserved roads in various parts of the world, particularly in Rome and many American villages. Today, they are extensively used in various commercial, residential, and public spaces and rank as among the most preferred paving materials.

It’s important to note that cobblestone is actually a representative term, since there is more than one stone type that is used to create cobblestone pavers. Granite is one, while others are made of limestone, basalt, porphyry, and mesh. Cobblestone is a much sought-after paving material because of the various appeals that one can achieve when applying it. Generally, pavers made of cobblestone are octagonal, square-, or rectangle-shaped, while the colors available include red, green, gray, black, terra cotta, tan, pink, and many others. The available patterns, meanwhile, are running bond, circle fan, herringbone, and basket weave. By blending and mixing different colors, shapes, and patterns together, it’s possible to create dozens of themes or pick one that best suits your taste.

Aside from sheer appeal, cobblestones are also prized for their toughness. Given the fact that some of the oldest roads are made of cobblestones, then it’s fair to say that structures made of cobblestones are built to last a lifetime. Add to that, cobblestones are maintenance-free and require very minimal cleaning efforts.

Cobblestone Pavers Application

A lot of landscaping contractors recommend and swear by the versatility of cobblestone pavers as a paving solution. This is no wonder given the number of available color, shape, and design options that property owners and builders can work with.

For example, cobblestones can be used to create driveways that are sure to make heads turn. Whether you want a Victorian-inspired driveway or prefer a more contemporary theme, the right contractor can achieve it for you. And given the heavy loads that driveways are expected to bear regularly, it helps that cobblestones are one of the toughest materials there is.

Aside from driveways, cobblestones pavers are also used to build patios, pool and viewing decks, garden paths, balconies, steps, terraces, and walkways. These applications can be for both residential and commercial applications and can also be applied to public spaces when needed.

For public areas, they can be used in bus stops, crosswalks, and sidewalks. These spots require a paving solution that can bear light to heavy loads on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, cobblestones are inherently tough and can bear such loads without suffering any major damage. And because professionally-installed pavers made of cobblestones are skid-free, you can also ensure the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians.

All of these applications show just how far-reaching pavers made of premium cobblestones can be. For anyone who wants a material that can be used for dozens of applications; cobblestone pavers should be a top option.

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