Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool Maintenance Tips, New Orleans, LA Here at Nolascapes, we are the swimming pool experts. We not only design elegant pools, we build and renovate swimming pools of all types, but we can also help you maintain and repair them. We really are your one-stop pool shop. If you are a new pool owner, it can be very daunting having to learn about how to care for your swimming pool. Taking in all the information like pool chemicals, pool sanitizing, balance and general cleaning requirements can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in all at once.

In this article we will talk about some of the simpler pool maintenance tips that you can perform regularly to help maintain the health and function of your swimming pool.

Using Pool Chemicals

Maintaining the chemistry of your pool is one of the most important maintenance tips. The reason is that the chemical balance of your pool has an all-around effect on the function, safety, health, and longevity of your pool. If your pool is properly sanitized it is a healthier-looking pool as well as a healthier pool to swim in. It really is the most important job!

The most important chemical levels are the pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness. Other things to check regularly are chlorine and or salt levels. Most pool owners nowadays take a water sample to their local pool shop and have it tested by professionals. You will then get a readout of what your pool needs to get back up to a good balance.

Clean Skimmer Basket

Cleaning your skimmer basket is something that should be done a few times a week, depending on the weather. If you have high winds you will find your skimmer filling up quicker than usual. It is a simple task that is effective in keeping larger debris out of your filter. Simply take out your skimmer basket and empty all the leaves and debris and perhaps give it a hose out if needed.

Check Water Levels

Another easy pool maintenance tip is to check your water levels daily. As a general rule if the water level is below the skimmer hatch then you should not run the filtration system until you have added water so that it is within the first to third mark on the skimmer door, or the middle of the skimmer door. The purpose of checking water levels is to ensure that you do not cause expensive damage to your filter system.

Chlorinator Tablets

If you have a chlorine pool it is the level of chlorine in the pool that will keep your water free from algae and bacteria. Chlorine can be soaked up by the sun and by heavy use of the pool. So, another way to manage your chlorine levels is by using chlorinator tablets. These tablets are a combination of chlorine and sunblock stabilizing agent that have been formed into a tablet. The tablet acts by slowly releasing chlorine into your pool water over time and helps to minimize the need for constant water testing and keeps your pool clean and sanitized.

Pool Filter Cleaning

It is important to clean out your pool filter on a regular basis by simply removing it and giving it a hose out. The filter catches the smaller debris that gets past the skimmer basket. If you do not hose out your pool filter regularly it can affect the chemistry of your pool. Algae and phosphates can build up in your pool because of your filter not being cleaned out often.

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