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NOLASCAPES is an expert when it comes to irrigation system installation, additions, and maintenance. We strive to conserve water in all our systems with interlocking coverage zones and environmentally responsible products and methods. We stand behind all our systems with a one-year parts and labor guarantee! With our help, you can achieve well-nourished trees, plants and grass. There are various automated irrigation systems that we can recommend for your landscape. The design and type will depend on the needs of your property, your budget, and your preferences. You can choose from:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Underground hose irrigation
  • Centralized irrigation
  • Drip system
  • Rotary irrigation system
  • Overhead irrigation
  • Repair, Expand, & Adjust

We can also help maintain your existing system and replace necessary components that need to be replaced. If you have a leak or problem with your current system, we can troubleshoot the problem and fix anything that may arise. Our experience installing and maintaining irrigation systems in Greater New Orleans will help us identify your problems and correct the issues quickly with reasonable pricing. Our goal is to keep the water flowing as quickly as possible and reduce your future expenses.

Remember, if it grows, NOLASCAPES can water it!

Irrigation Systems

Every home or commercial establishment can have beautiful exteriors simply by adding trees, plants, flowers, and other greenery to it. Everyone knows that these living things provide a lot of benefits to a person's health, disposition, and perspective in life. This is the main reason why an effective irrigation system is crucial to a garden or landscape.

Here are some more reasons why this installation is very important in a landscape:

  • It provides the necessary nutrients for nourishing plants. Fertilization can also be done using irrigation.
  • Soil with enough moisture becomes a more suitable place for seeds to germinate and this is possible with the use of an irrigation system.
  • Roots of plants get most of their needs from soil. Water makes it easier for them to absorb the much-needed minerals found in soil.
  • Watering the plants is easier, faster, and economical.

Right Place, Right Time

NOLASCAPES installs each irrigation system keeping in mind the specific needs of your landscape. Turf areas require not only a different amount of water than your shrubs or trees, but also at a different frequency. We set up your system in “zones” so that similar areas are watered together, along with installing the proper method for application (drip, rotor or spray) making the most efficient use of your water.

We don’t interfere with Mother Nature

Nothing seems more inefficient than when your irrigation system runs at the same time Mother Nature waters her earth; running an irrigation system while it’s raining just doesn’t make sense! NOLASCAPES installs rain sensors with every system; a device that overrides your system NOT to run when the rain falls, providing your landscape with the water it needs only when Mother Nature holds out.

In your hands. . . really

Each of our irrigation systems is installed using the latest technology for efficient use and easy control. All systems come complete with Control Panels that allow you to set the time, frequency and duration of each application of water to the zones in your landscape.

When you hire us, you are assured of a well designed, properly installed, commercial grade irrigation system. No matter if you have an existing system that needs fixing or if you are breaking ground on your new home, NOLASCAPES is the only name you need to know.

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