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Landscape Design


NOLAscapes, will Show you what your finished project will look like before you begin! We will create a 3D drawing of your project for you to visualize before investing in your project. Create a "fly through" video of your finished project showing you how it will look and feel. If you are dreaming it, we can help you design, plan and control it.

This is YOUR dream. See and plan before the demolition begins!

We create accurate 3D images and video renderings before big money is spent.


Consult and discuss your dreams

  1. Measure your space. Photograph your current rooms or yard.
  2. Create 3D images of your dream (this is where it really gets fun!)
  3. Consult and discuss your PERFECT dream 3D images then create a "fly through" video for a more realistic dream.
  4. Create blue prints with exact specifications that provide you list of materials.

You now have a realistic plan, video and 3D images. (Wow... It's really going to happen!)

No surprises. YOU know the plan. YOU know the materials. YOU know how it's going to look.

YOUR dream is in YOUR control!

By providing 3D renderings of construction projects, we give our clients control over key things that are missing in most construction projects:

  1. Control
  2. Comfort
  3. Power
  4. Security
  5. Knowledge
  6. Ownership


Once your project is completed you will receive a presentation booklet with your final design via e-mail. You will get:

  1. 3D drawings of your project.
  2. A blue print of your project showing the measurements of your project, making it easier to build. Everything that we design is designed to scale meaning (it can be built).
  3. A "fly through" video of your finished project showing you how it will look and feel.


NOLAscapes will give a quote for each project prior to start. All pricing is based off of job size and complexity. (Pricing may vary)

Design Process

All residential renovation projects designed by our office begin with a design consultation. A design consultation gives you a designer’s expertise for bringing your vision to life. Following the design consultation, if your project requires the services of a NOLAscapes designer, you would then retain our firm. This begins with the signing of a standard contract between Owner and NOLAscapes and settlement of a deposit. We would then move into Phase I of our four-phase process.

Learn more about the process and for information on getting the most from your Design Consultation.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is one of the most important stages – if not the most important - of the process, where the client and designer can develop a unified vision for the property. The role of the designer is to beautifully and artistically compose the client’s vision while considering constraints and potential opportunities.

We begin the process by first scheduling a meeting to discuss your needs, wants and desires. During the meeting, we will evaluate the site in order to identify all the essential conditions that will influence the design. We will then make general recommendations on how to move forward. It is helpful if a client has photographs of typical designs or styles that he/she prefers. Frequently, clients only know in general terms what they want to accomplish and are relying on the designer to formulate a concept to give them resolve. These responses are explored in the preliminary design concept phase.

Addition and renovation projects require an investigation of existing conditions, details and dimensions. The entire house must be photographed, measured and recorded by our staff. The information gathered will be used to prepare accurate computer drawings depicting physical conditions in plan and elevations. These drawings will serve as a foundation for future explorations and detailed work on your home.


Schematic Design

These are preliminary plans depicting proposed home with additions and/or renovations. NOLAscapes will require concept sketches, these concept sketches will be prepared in consideration of the results from our initial design consultation, additional thoughts you may have realized since that time, and adjustments resulting from our further studies within the context of your entire site. We believe that a successful “extension” of an existing home should blend seamlessly with the original. It is of primary importance to resolve the entire flow of interior and exterior functions. The drawings prepared during this phase will depict proposed changes in sufficient detail to confirm your approval of the design. Any adjustments to the scope of work will be addressed before proceeding onto the next phase. Charges for this phase are billed hourly and the fee varies according to size and complexity of the work anticipated. The revised scope of work will be used as a guide for preparing the detailed construction drawings of the project.


Construction Documents (Blueprints)

Commonly referred to as working drawings, the construction documents will build your project on paper. Client-directed changes during this phase should be limited to material selections and not shifts in the floor plan or elevations. Coordinating changes through all of the drawings requires considerable additional time and increased project costs. Details from this set of drawings will guide the contractor and suppliers in preparing a competitive proposal, as well as lead the workers through the construction process. We will clearly define and draw what is expected from the contractor, and included in the drawings will be descriptions of the foundations, framing, floor plans, and other specifications.

NOLAscapes has worked in New Orleans since 1998. We are well aware of soil conditions, code enforcement and material options Your blueprint should be the first step to any project you under take. Please give us the opportunity to impress you with our process and relieve you from the uncertainty you may be feeling.

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